Our Mission

   “Funding the health rehabilitation of Americas youth”

In the past 15 years America’s youth have fallen into the sedentary abyss. This form of lifestyle, which was once believed to be highest among the elderly population, has now crept into the younger population and has become a cancer on the kids and teens of America. As a sport and fitness trainer, as well as a high school wrestling coach of 24 years, I know very well the severity of this epidemic sweeping the country. 
THE YOUTH OBESITY and FITNESS FOUNDATION has been established to help bring back control of the health of America’s youth by empowering them to strengthen themselves both mentally and physically, and to assist in the payment of such training. The Foundation assists and funds youths by assigning personal trainers to guide and educate them through their health rehabilitation. With over a million kids and teens being affected with obesity, it is time to bring in a program that is specifically designed for youth. Why not create a setting where both the parents and their kids can benefit from programs designed for their age group? 
We have named this program the "FIT FOR ME" program. This program will teach step-by-step how to take control of the faculties of their bodies by developing and strengthening, through repetition, their mind as well as their body. The old saying “mind over matter” is very true. Even today, everything begins with the mind. The problem is that too many of America’s youth today are spending too many hours sitting inside to entertain themselves. Not only are their minds getting weaker; their muscles are as well. THE BODY WAS NOT DESIGNED TO SIT INSIDE ALL DAY!  
This is why more than 17% percent of kids and teens are at least 100 pounds, or 100 percent, over their ideal body weight, and are averaging between 20% and 30% body fat. This is very dangerous. As with adults, this kind of poor health can lead to severe health problems including: high blood pressure; high cholesterol; sleep disorders, which can affect learning and quality of life; high risk for type 2 diabetes; a shorter life span; and of course the higher risk of heart disease. The Foundation has put together as system that will assist kids and teens in their Health Rehabilitation and reduce these health risks.
The "FIT FOR ME" program promotes the philosophy and techniques, as well as an eating plan, which will benefit the client by disciplining them in their training and repetition, as well as their eating habits. This is not an easy fix and requires time and patience, but it is something that must be done if we are to even put a dent into this epidemic we call obesity. Hopefully, with some strong lobbying, this can be changed. But, for now, we have to deal with the present situation.
This is where the Foundation comes in. Unlike health insurance, there is no coverage for a young person who wishes to improve their health by joining a health club or having a trainer to train them. Because of the high cost, many parents cannot afford to get the proper training for their kid or teen that is needed to get on the road to a healthy recovery. The Foundation will also bring in volunteer doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, nutritionists and dieticians. This volunteer program has been created to help with the costs of the health rehabilitation. 
I sincerely believe in the "FIT FOR ME" program, as I would not be promoting this if I did not. The combination of strength and cardiovascular training, and a smart eating plan, will result in a dramatic (fat) weight loss. The starting point is with their mind; letting them know that they can do it; letting them know they have the control and all they have to do is apply the abilities they already have. I look forward to working with you in hopes of reversing this trend in which our youth have rooted themselves.

Sincerely yours,
J.J. Falcon
Founder of YOFF 

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