Physical assessments are performed by the trainer to assess ones physical health through determining the body composition in order to assist the trainer in creating a personalized training program. The body composition consists of the bone; water; muscle; and fat and is broken down into these groups for a more accurate understanding of ones current weight make-up and future weight goals. For more information, e-mail us:

Here is an example:

1. The trainer will have you weigh in on a digital scale; then will get your height and waist size.

2. Then a skinfold is performed on the client to determine the muscle mass and fat weight (fat %)

3. Information is entered in computer to give the client his/her body composition based on their muscle mass and their fat weight.

Example: Josh is 16 years old and his weight is 160 lb and his height is 5' 7"
Based on his skinfold which is taken at the chest-lower abs-thigh, Josh's
body composition is: Fat%= 23.73% (obese status)
      Fat weight= 37.97 pounds
Fitness fat% for 16 yr old male= 12-14%

In order for Josh to reach a fitness level for a 16 year old male (14%) he will need to lose 18.10 pounds of fat
to reach an idea body weight of 140 pounds (based on 14% body fat)

His lean body weight would be 130 pounds ( Athlete class for male- 6%-11% body fat)

This is based on no muscle mass gain. If Josh participates in an intense weight lifitng program designed for him then he will gain muscle weight while losing the fat weight. This means that if his goal is 14% fat which puts him at 140 pounds, it is very likely that he will not make that weight since muscle weighs more than fat. If he gained 20 pounds of muscle while reaching 14%, then his weight at 14% would then be 160.

Since he started at 160 to begin with is not the issue, but that he is 160 lb at 14% instead of 23%.
It is not the weight that is the issue but what that weight consists of. In this case, Josh is at a much healthier and stronger weight of 160 lb based on 14% body fat.

Classification (Adults)FemaleMale
20 and older

Essential fat10-12%2-4%
Obese32%+    25% +

Classification (teens)FemaleMale
13-19 years old

Essential fat8-10%3-5%
Fitness14-16%      12-14%
Acceptable17-21%       15-19%
Obese22% +  20% +